Podcast 201: Pre-Season Swim Smackdown For Runners and Triathletes

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Keep the momentum of your dreams alive by consistently moving in the direction of your goals every day. Life will continue to happen, and its inherent waves will continue to roll in, but it is our response to those waves that dictate our reality. Family life, work-life, global pandemics – nothing is off the table, but as we commit to mastering our focus, we become deliberate in creating our reality. We are powerful beings, and this life will challenge our belief in that power throughout our experience. Keep going, we say, let nothing stand in your way.

Today is the first in our three-part pre-season smackdown of swimming, biking, and running. These episodes are not just for triathletes but for trail runners and anyone looking to up their game in sport and life. One of the beautiful things about us humans is that we do not selectively learn. As we attain skills in one area of our life, we gain skills in all areas of our life. It’s the essence of the teachings that allow us to grow and transform into the athlete we desire to be in the world we dream of seeing.

Coach BJ generously lends his experiential wisdom on today’s episode, including giving out a few of his favorite swim workouts. Also, we have five additional swim workouts available at yogitriathlete.com/shop. These are great for anyone looking to cross-train in the pool, especially runners.

Topics covered include bread and vegan butter workouts, strategy for a safe start to swimming, breathing, the importance of sighting, over kicking, and swimming for runners, among other wisdom dropped by Coach BJ throughout this show. Thank you so much for supporting the YTP, this community is strong because of you, and we have no plans but to grow and become more significant as a collective. We are on a mission to create a better world, and it starts within each one of us. Lean into the power of the YT community; we are a group of like-minded warriors committed to wringing out the nectar of this rich-itinerary called life.

Namaste –

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Episode 201 Show Notes

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