Podcast 195: Jasmine and Rebecca of Nomad Eats are Turning Haters into Lovers

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Jasmine and Rebecca founded a friendship around the power of plants and discovered that they shared a love for creating food. From there, they followed the universal recipe for a joyful life; they did more of what they love. They created beautiful food and shared it with their friends.

They hosted speakeasy dinners at Jasmine’s apartment until they busted at the seams. Their guests couldn’t get enough. The menus were tasty, but what was shining brightly through it all were their cheesy sauces. From late-night cheese calls pleading for more to back-alley deals, it was clear that these ladies were onto something that was growing fast, and they needed to answer the call.

In the two short years that Nomad Eats has been a company, Jasmine and Rebecca have peeled tens of thousands of pounds of potatoes. They have stayed up all night, creating batch after batch of what has become known as “liquid gold.” No matter how tired, no matter what time of day, no matter if they have eaten or not, they always align themselves with the process. They stay in gratitude, and they bless every batch with the intention that people will feel joyful and nourished from their offering.

These ladies are showing up in vulnerability and figuring it out along the way. In effect, they believe they are doing everything right, and through their understanding of universal law, they are finding that now, their dreams are running to them. Jasmine and Rebecca are living above the bar and from the finish line. They understand our power as deliberate creators, and they are not wasting moments entertaining negativity around their vision.

I love this conversation and what it has to offer the world of entrepreneurship. It’s not just about hard work, hard work, hard work. It’s also about divine appointments, allowing and not compromising. It’s an exciting viewpoint of commerce that everyone can benefit from in business and life. The wisdom behind Nomad Eats gives us all permission to take the roof off limitation and dream ourselves into an ideal reality.

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