Podcast 178: Sean Nakamura, Plant-Based UltraRunner on The Great Eight and Dreaming Big Always

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As of Sunday, October 6, 2019, Sean Nakamura became one of two Americans and only four people in the world to complete The Great Eight of UltraRunning. To finish all eight original 100-mile races in one epic summer is the goal of this endeavor. An almost logistically impossible project to complete came to fruition on account of many little dreams along the way.

Five of the eight races were lotteries with qualifying standards, and yet all of the stars aligned for Sean this year. Despite the odds, Sean remained steadfast to complete his dream both physically and mentally. In late May, in the Massanutten Mountains of the Shenandoah River Valley, Sean lined up at the start of the Old Dominion 100-mile run. The Great Eight was officially underway – a challenge completely unfathomable just nine years ago when Sean began running.

Today we dive into Sean’s journey. From the optimism and dream-making instilled in him at a young age to the “cherries on top” that he threw into the mix of this Great Eight project, we are given a peek into a life without limits. Sean’s innate gratitude and gentle spirit shine through his words.

We are in sincere thanks for Sean’s time and the incredible insight he shares with the YT community in this episode. Thank you all for your support of this show, you are the reason we continue to show up.

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