Podcast 168: Julieanna Hever, Plant-Based Dietician on Macro Confusion and the Simplicity of a Healthy Diet

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From macro confusion to microbiome, Julieanna Hever shares experiential wisdom and science-based evidence for us all to stew on in this week’s episode of the YTP.

Her message is simple; don’t over complicate nutrition. We don’t need to break it down into its elements. We don’t need to pursue protein as if we were deficient and we don’t need to deprive ourselves along the way to a more healthy, vibrant life.

We talk about the protein obsession and things one may expect to encounter when transitioning to a plant-based diet. Most people eat a fiber deficient diet, which is the opposite of a plant-based diet, so there most often is an adjustment period. We talk about the best source of fuel for athletes and our unique nutritional requirements.

Armed with hundreds of years of science, Julieanna is on the verge of publishing her 5th book co-authored with Ray Cronise, The Healthspan Solution. She is well-known as the Plant-Based Dietician, and we are all better educated because Julieanna is in the world.

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