Episode 417: Send It! IRONMAN Texas Recap with Pro Triathlete Penny Slater

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Just days after placing 2nd at the IRONMAN North American Championship in Texas, professional triathlete Penny Slater graciously accepted our invitation to smackdown her incredible performance for this community.

With an overall time of 8:44:36 and the second-fastest run split of the day, Penny earned her spot to the IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France, this year and executed what she describes as a breakthrough race.

She generously shares all the details, pretty and not-so-pretty, of what it took for her to deliver this world-class performance that was years in the making. There are many nuggets of gold in her words, so grab your journal and pen because you will not want to miss a beat.

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In this episode:

  • Moving forward, despite all the signs to the contrary
  • Coming in under the radar
  • Focusing on what you can do
  • Crop dusting on the bike
  • 1% dehydrated = 10% decreased performance
  • As long as you don’t give up…
  • Power of a “no quit” mindset
  • Chewing gels to trick the gut
  • Pulling back time and onto the podium
  • Why it was a breakthrough race
  • Pressure is a privilege
  • “Taking the leap” mindset
  • Training your gut is KEY
  • Ari Klau swimming with the Aussies
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do what you love

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