Episode 367: Pura Vida Athlete Smackdown – Climbing, Coffee and Mangos!

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We are coming to you on location for this episode at the Pura Vida Hotel in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Complete with background sounds of the bustling local community and nature at night as we gathered around our community table after stage two of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge, La Vuelta al Mundo.

The longest of the five stages, this route is filled with microclimates and highly diverse terrain. Our day began with a relatively flat warmup (by Costa Rican standards). Then it took us through lush tropical mountain terrain, cigar and coffee plantations, a low desert climate near the Pacific Coast, and one of the most famous climbs that Costa Rica has to offer, “El Aguacate.”

We share this episode with five athletes participating in this May’s challenge, including co-founders Jennifer Vollman and Dan Casey. We intend for you to feel the familiarity within our group and the camaraderie that formed almost instantaneously. Lifelong friendships, many laughs, and long climbs, we hope you capture the vibe. Thank you for being on this ride with us and tuning into this episode.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Pura Vida vision as reality
  • more smiles and laughs in 5 days than anywhere else
  • inclusivity with the local community
  • what brought the riders to the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge
  • most memorable feelings so far in the challenge
  • language barriers do not compromise connection
  • jungle heat and humidity
  • Swedish coffee schedule
  • cycling in Europe vs. Central America
  • growth of female riders at Pura Vida
  • local guides
  • setting yourself up for a successful Pura Vida experience
  • SAG vehicle experience
  • experiencing joy through the eyes of the riders
  • the roads are for everyone


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Episode 367 Show Notes:

Pura Vida Cycling Challenge

Pura Vida Hotel

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