Episode 366: Jeffrey James Binney Plant-Based Ultrarunner Says “We Only Live Once, And We Must Make The Most Of It”

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Our guest today is Jeffrey James Binney, and he encourages us to look at the crazy thing we’ve always wanted to do and know that this is the time. He reminds us that we only live once, and we must make the most of it.

Jeffrey is a trail runner, adventure travel host, comedian, and speaker. He is the producer and director of “Once Is Enough,” which is a film that documents his journey from losing his mom to obesity-caused heart disease to stepping onto the starting line of the world’s more difficult 100-mile ultramarathon.

This vegan son-of-a-pig-farmer has loved adventure from a very early age, and this film brings it all together; the inspiration, the loss, pain, exhaustion, failure, and triumph of life. “Once Is Enough” is a must-see, and this podcast is a must-listen, so thanks for tuning in.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • getting more people outside
  • don’t put off living life
  • inspiration from mom
  • aspirations of being an astronaut and having adventures
  • obsession with Lewis & Clark
  • death as motivation to be healthy
  • fixed mindset vs growth mindset
  • motivation through external doubt
  • moving to a plant-based lifestyle on a dare
  • couch to 20 miler to 50 miler to 100
  • path to making the indie film
  • the miracle baby
  • during the tough times in a race, pulling upon mom’s strength
  • challenges in making the film
  • Pacific Crest Trail adventure
  • travel host experiences focused on inclusivity


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Episode 366 Show Notes:

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