Episode 358: Keely Henninger On Going All In, Embracing Vulnerability, And Mindset Training

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Today we are so excited to be talking with professional ultrarunner, podcast host, dog mom, and scientist Keely Henninger who is so much more than those labels I just rattled off.

During her ten years of racing, Keely has seen great success but also has faced the limitations of a runner trying to fit a mold. She has under-fueled, over-trained, and resisted rest until one day when Keely said “no more” as it became clear that her health was hanging in the balance.

She became curious about the kind of runner she desired to be. And this curiosity led to positive change dictated by her desires, not the expectations of others. As a result, Keely now dedicates herself to assisting women in overcoming the detrimental impacts of improper training while she races strong at the top end of her field.

Keely is no stranger to the podium and most recently set a new course record at the Black Canyon 100k, where she walked away with one of two coveted Golden Tickets for the Western States 100, which takes place this coming June.

We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with this impressive woman and hope that she inspires you to appreciate your own unique journey. Thank you for tuning in!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • studying for the MCAT
  • mindset going into a practice test vs trails races
  • working with the doubt of doing enough training
  • saying your goals out loud
  • Black Canyon Ultra recap
  • mindset training for races
  • practicing the calm
  • choosing to not engage in other energy/not calm
  • being true to yourself
  • sucks enough moment
  • asking for help
  • see vulnerability to be vulnerable
  • resistance to pushing as well as easing off
  • thoughts on having a coach
  • training on feel vs pace
  • embracing hills and running strong up & down
  • Western States and goals for 2023
  • going all in on something
  • how do you know you’re present


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Episode 358 Show Notes:

Black Canyon 100K

Western States 100 Endurance Run

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