Episode 348: Taylor Spivey On Climbing The Ladder Of Performance And Fighting For The Win

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Over the almost 350 episodes of this podcast, we have been blessed to share the mic with professional athletes, doctors, coaches, yogis, and every day peeps, just like us, who feel like they have found their thing.

And a great honor of hosting this show is when we revisit a story and reconnect with a guest like this episode today.

Professional triathlete Taylor Spivey was the star of episode 88, which launched in January 2018. In that episode, we talked about growing up in Redondo Beach, her experience as a surf lifeguard, her start in the sport of triathlon, and the mental game for athletes.

In the blog post’s conclusion, which accompanied the launch of that show, I wrote, “Expect big things from this girl in the future; I feel an unstoppability about her that is the sign of all great athletes.”

Today, at 31 years old, Taylor is described as one of the most consistent athletes in the World Triathlon Series (WTS) competition. Since our conversation, she has yet to finish further down the ladder than 10th in any WTS race since June of 2018 and is also a major player in the world of Super League Triathlon.

Taylor maintains a bright future as a professional triathlete. She shares so generously with us in this episode and is surfing life challenges, just like you and me.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • importance of having a supportive community in triathlon
  • the Super League vibe
  • winning SL Malibu in front of her hometown crowd
  • celebrating your competitor’s successes
  • turning frantic energy into a top performance
  • giving all you have in a race vs. fear of blowing up
  • getting out the door for a workout
  • finding flow outside of sport
  • Paris Olympics 2024
  • Tokyo Olympic selection reflections
  • many small wins 
  • attachment to outcome
  • climbing the ladder of performance 
  • fighting for the win
  • rise to the challenge
  • interest in PTO & 70.3 races


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