Episode 347: Lauren Ammon On Training Your Mind Like You Train Your Body

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Guiding athletes to supersede the limitations of the mind is what YogiTriathlete was founded on. 

Living a more vibrant life through a clear mind is synonymous with better performance, and as Beej and I continue to clean up our inner mud, we have realized a better world from the inside out. 

I’m so excited about our conversation today because our guest aligns with our core belief: to reach athletic potential, we must train our minds with the same, if not more, tenacity as we train our bodies.

Lauren Ammon started swimming at age five and nearly two decades later retired after graduating college and swimming for a D1 school. 

She has an impressive single sport legacy, but what truly piques our interest is that she walked away feeling she never reached her potential, like she had more to give. 

This dissatisfaction led to a personal quest to figure out how to overcome the obstacle of her mind and the eventual creation of Performance Reimagined, where she supports elite student-athletes to train their minds and overcome the mental blocks that keep them from their potential. 

If you enjoy the ongoing theme of mind training on this podcast, settle in because this is another deep conversation. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • impact of the Olympics in 2020
  • perspective on why she was better at practice swimming
  • breaking the cycle of perfection
  • taking your power back to make choices
  • being right where you are supposed to be
  • thoughts lead to emotions, lead to choices
  • when did you become ‘aware’
  • leaving corporate America
  • working through tough swim sets, facing doubt and fear
  • stress or pause
  • attachment to the result or outcome
  • when reaching your goal is not enough
  • being conditioned for negativity
  • breathing practices for athletes
  • building self-worth but through experience
  • secret weapons for athletes


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