Episode 334: Travis Soares On His 247 Peak FKT (Fastest Known Time)

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On August 12th Travis Soares completed perhaps the craziest FKT attempt in the history of FKTs when he finished climbing the Sierra Peaks Section List in the fastest known time.

247 peaks in 117 days, 8 hrs, and 34 minutes over 700,000 ft of climbing, all the while raising funds to support the Bishop Paiute Tribe Food Sovereignty Program, which aligns with Travis’s passion for decreasing food waste and making more environmentally responsible foods accessible to those who need it.

Before Travis discovered his love for the mountains, he spent many years growing up as an oddity in his hometown of Barrington, RI.

Getting in trouble for not wearing shoes and skipping school to meditate were commonplace for Travis as he navigated an innate knowing that he was not where he wanted to be.

He discovered a love for the writings of John Muir and Henry David Thoreau at a young age and, after high school, began to spread his wings and follow the path which put him atop those 247 peaks.

In this episode we discuss:

  • growing up in Barrington, RI with supportive parents
  • inspiring a generation of people to give them permission to pursue their dreams
  • fully immersed into the experience of wilderness packing
  • running as an outlet to move
  • relationship with impermanence here on Earth
  • how to come back to the present moment
  • the desire to quiet the mind through meditation
  • breath is important to anchor into calm
  • first big climbing challenge
  • trial and error are helpful in accomplishing the SPS Project
  • hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • how he supports his parents through this adventurous life
  • beating the king of FKT and quickly becoming friends
  • the durability of the physical body through 247 peaks
  • fueling for this 4-month FKT 5-7000 calories per day
  • dumpster recreation, composting & food waste

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Episode 334 Show Notes:

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