Episode 331: Connie Riet Mindfulness Guru On Traumatic Brain Injury, Living Simply & Tiny Drops Of Joy

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The waves of life are here to stay but how we learn to surf them is where the difference is made.

Our guest today, Connie Riet has faced immense waves in her life which have called her to lean deeply into her meditation and mindful practices. It is through her experience as well as deep study that she has become the mindfulness coach, meditation teacher, and professional optimist that she is today.

Connie has lived a diverse life spanning a 30-year career as a film and television actress to raising children as a single mom, full-time RV living, and surviving a near-fatal car accident which left her with a traumatic brain injury and a massive mountain of healing to climb.

Connie is dedicated to helping others find peace, health, and happiness. She is a passionate minimalist and shares so many helpful videos on her YouTube channel and writings on her blog.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the value of the moment
  • self-love
  • embracing surrender and compassion 
  • seeing the gift in her brain injury
  • introduction to meditation and yoga
  • the role of meditation for an actor
  • slowing the breath
  • how she survived an almost fatal car accident 
  • depression and brain injury
  • when gratitude for life was unattainable 
  • little tiny drops of joy
  • don’t fake it till you make it
  • grieving the loss of who you used to be
  • psyching yourself up to lose

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