Episode 305: Tina Muir, Creator Of Running For Real On The Importance Of Being Silly And Chasing The Fun

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Tina Muir is a former professional runner who realized great success at the marathon and half marathon distances but perhaps garnered even more attention when she quit running to attend to her health. 

Tina created Running For Real, the largest global community of runners contributing and connecting positively to the world around them. 

She is the host of the Running for Real podcast and, more recently, co-host of Running Realized, a podcast that holds a mission to explore running culture as a vehicle to realize its full potential and one that asks us all to be a part of the solution. 

Tina is recognized as one of the lead climate activists in the running space and, in 2021, began collaborating with the United Nations on climate change initiatives. 

She is a runner, mom, and entrepreneur who plays many roles daily and holds decades of experiential knowledge that flows naturally as our conversation ensues. We hope you take away many nuggets of gold and put one thing into action today!

In this episode, we discuss.

  • breaking out of the boxes we create about our identity
  • mental and physical burnout from running
  • breakdown to breakthrough
  • the challenge of not doing
  • armor up and get it done
  • the ‘fixing’ mentality
  • embracing silliness vs seriousness
  • being the mom who dances with her kid
  • running to chase the fun
  • climate change and the health of our planet
  • pro-environmental lens – what we focus on expands
  • 71% emissions coming from 100 companies
  • talking about the environment is activism
  • explore close to home
  • working with UN
  • daily non-negotiables

We hope you enjoy the show.



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