Episode 261: Dr. Alan Goldhamer Drops The Hammer On All Things Fasting

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Dr. Alan Goldhamer is the co-founder of True North Health Center, the world’s largest facility specializing in medically supervised water-only fasting. Founded in 1984 and located in Santa Rosa, California, Truth North has seen well over 20,000 people complete upwards of 40-days of consuming only water.

The True North health experience is a fully supported adventure that includes modalities like meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, workshops, and education. True North is an alcohol-free, stimulant-free environment designed to allow guests to fast, detoxify, lose weight and make the lifestyle changes they desire in a health-promoting, therapeutic environment.

Dr. Goldhamer is co-author of a game-changing book that I read many years ago entitled The Pleasure Trap; Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness.

As you can imagine, anything with the word “mastering” in its title has our attention because, for YogiTriathlete, mastery is the only option. This episode is information-rich, we hope you enjoy it and take something away to uplevel your health today.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the pleasure trap
  • why people are obese in industrialized countries
  • what is poo’ing inside of you?
  • living a good life and dying a good death
  • why athletes age out of their sport
  • healthy people need younger friends
  • dehydration as a cause for injury
  • strategic fasting for athletes
  • the foundations of health
  • radical life of eating well and exercising
  • ancient roots of fasting
  • what the research says about feeding windows
  • hard workouts during a fast is a mistake
  • the most powerful way to mobilize visceral fat

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