Community Event: Intro to Mindfulness

Community Event: Intro to Mindfulness
July 19, 2016 Jess

Attn Lake Placid Community! Save the date Wednesday, July 27th at 6:45pm.

Join us at The Studio at High Peaks Cyclery for an enlightening talk on life’s single most important management tool, mindfulness. Come learn simple and practical tools to decrease stress, increase your health and overall make life easier. Jess shares her life’s wisdom on a subject that she says transformed every relationship in her life, changed her way of seeing the world and sent her health on a skyrocket to wellness. With contagious enthusiasm she shares practical tools that can be put into action immediately and yield positive results in an instant. This talk is donation based or free to those who attend her 5:30pm Hour of Power. No pre-registration necessary, just show up to open up.

Intro to Mindfulness
The Simplest Thing You’ve Ever Done

It only takes an instant to become mindful. Science continues to show us the full spectrum of health benefits to adopting a mindfulness practice yet our society continues to run in the other direction. Our preoccupation of thoughts about the future and the past is making us increasingly unhealthy in our minds and bodies by anchoring us into a chronic state of stress. Mindfulness will awaken you to your own blind spots and by its nature create more room for compassion in your life while significantly reducing stress levels. These times are beckoning for people to wake up and mindfulness is the quickest route to a better life in an instant.


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