Week #1 Ironman Training

Week #1 Ironman Training
January 4, 2014 Jess

Coming off my strongest race season, remaining injury free all year and seeing PRs upwards of 40 minutes at the 70.3 distance I felt no reservation diving into official Ironman training last Sunday.  I recovered quickly from my races last season and continued to train consistently through my off season.  I kept 3 run, 2-3 bike,1-2 swim and 3-5 heated power vinyasa training sessions a week.  I have put on my anticipated 5lbs but am still about 10lbs lighter than previous years and feeling the best I’ve felt in my life.  The biggest change I made moving into last year was in December 2012 I completely eliminated dairy products from my meals.  Having no other animal products in my diet already this change put me into the vegan category.  Plant based, as I prefer to call it, has me also feeling more sustained energy levels throughout the day and higher levels of clarity in general.  So far this change seems to be agreeing with me and I continue to look for ways to eat healthier, especially when training and racing.  That said, both beej and I will be seeking more whole food sources to sustain us throughout our journey to Lake Placid in July.  A friend of mine sent me the following article from Triathlete.com – this seems like a good place to start.

So training for my 3rd Ironman has commenced and although I’m noticing a beef up factor in my legs I am ready for week #2.  Although distances were not much more than what I had been doing I definitely feel a focus shift that the ringing in of 2014 brought to me.   I’m looking forward to the next 7 months; the discipline, the challenges, the presence and the listening that is required for proper preparation.  My plan is to train smart, eat well and meditate a ton so that when race day arrives I will be able to let it roll with grace.

Below is a recap of this past week, just putting hay in the barn at this point in my training or base phase for those that know the lingo.  My swim workouts are quite specific and bike/run is primarily steady z2 rides with a series of pick ups, spin ups and strength work peppered in.  I’ve already experienced a few surprise challenges and in those moments I work with the message I give in my yoga classes, find my power in neutrality, non-resistance and non judgement.  So much to look forward to!

Week #1 Recap

42 min recovery bike
66 min z2 run
75 min heated vinyasa
1850 yd drill swim
75 min z2 ride
20 min recovery run
60 min restorative yoga
2500 yd swim
40 min run


75 min z2 bike
75 min heated vinyasa
40 min z2 run
2h 10m z2 ride




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