Podcast 39: Siri Lindley On High Performance Coaching & Creating The Life You Dream Of

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The motivational images, the inspirational youtube videos and a number of people jumping into their life’s work is growing every single day. There is a massive shift in the world. There is a higher vibration on the planet that is rising up and to help us make sense of this forward motion we must understand energetic balance. The universal law commands balance and so even though we are seeing more darkness and separation, it is only a match to the massive uprising of greatness in this life.

Siri Lindley is one of the greats among us today and her life story captured beautifully in her memoir Surfacing: From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly, showcases universal law to perfection. Painfully self-aware from a young age, Siri suffered for years to find contentment in the midst of the darkness and light in her world. Ultimately finding that the harshness of life was the very thing to push her beyond her limits of fear and doubt and into becoming a high achieving athlete.

Today she is one of the most well-known triathlon coaches of our time and dedicates her life to bringing out the greatness in her athletes. Despite her own need to be pushed, many times by force, to find her best self it seems as though Siri takes a more nurturing, although hard-lined, approach to her role as coach. She believes in connection and the deep power of inquiry. She is skillful and unique in how she approaches every one of her athletes treating each as their own entity. She has crafted a recipe that is ever evolving, a theme that she applies to her own life. Intuitive by nature, Siri knows that she has not reached her destination and in order for her athletes to grow, she too must be willing to keep pushing beyond what she believes possible.

We were so fortunate to sit down with Siri in Boulder, Colorado during our Ride the High Vibe Tour last year and we enjoyed every word of this exchange. Definitely, pick up her book and dive into the warrior path that is the life of Siri Lindley, triathlon champion, and world class triathlon coach.


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