Podcast 71: Ask the YTs on Ironman Wisconsin; Stop Complaining and Get the Work Done

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Walking into the unknown is getting to be the norm around these parts and this week’s show is dedicated to BJ’s recent experience with this preferred flavor of adventure. For years he has talked about traveling and racing an Ironman by his lonesome and last week he did just that. Putting it all out there yet again, BJ raced hard at Ironman Wisconsin and pulled out great knowledge from his experience to move him closer to reaching his goals.

On this month’s Ask the YTs, we take listener questions about Beej’s experience and he opens up about what went down in Madison, how he plans to move forward into IMAZ and his skillful navigation of the days leading up to the race, his execution, and recovery.

BJ continues to step into his warrior self and there should be no question in anyone’s mind that his continued achievement will lead to nothing less than the fulfillment of his dreams. I know that watching his journey is like indulging in a movie that I can’t take my eyes off of and living vicariously through his athletic greatness will make all of us better competitors. So listen up because he drops the wisdom bombs in this episode.

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Episode 71 Show Notes:

CORRECTION: CURRENT AWA RANKINGS: 16th in the US, 68th in the World.

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