Podcast 103: Nastasha McKeon on Changing Lives in the Breakroom and Leaning into Discomfort

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My heartbeat intensifies as I listen to Nastasha share her memories of sobbing herself to sleep out of financial fear and the unknown of how she would provide for her children. My body becomes covered in goosebumps as she tells story after story of impossible odds turning into perfect successes. And I can’t help but send out a major fist pump when she describes the moment she declared to the universe that she refused to not live her dream. I feel these things so viscerally because I have lived them all in pursuit of my purpose in this world. Nastasha’s story is as raw as it is inspiring and we are so excited to share her with the YT community in this episode.

Today Nastasha sits atop the successful multi-location organic juicery and vegan meal cafes known to us lucky San Diegans as Choice. In a short period of time, Nastasha went from cashing in her savings to cover payroll to just signing on her fourth location. Her dream is to become the Starbucks of her industry and provide more goodness, more pureness and more love-filled nutrition across the globe.

It wasn’t long after landing in Carlsbad did BJ and I hear about Nastasha. People who barely knew us would say how much we would connect with her and that we did, just a few weeks ago in our home. This is the kind of conversation that makes you want to get up and do something big. It’s a conversation that has reminded BJ and I to keep going and not to give up on what we believe in so deeply. The YogiTriathlete community is a powerful force that cannot be stopped and we are so very grateful for every Patreon supporter, every listener, every athlete on our team, every M21 member, every yoga student, every plant-based nutrition client and every single person that takes the time to leave a review for the show, for the cookbook or to share their positive experience in life because YT exists.

We are in deep thanks to you all and to our amazing guests like Nastasha who keep the motivation high and the land of the unknown a little more approachable. We hope you enjoy the show. Rock on my friends!



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