Episode 420: Hannah Hoetmer, The Professional Alpinist Who Could Barely Run A Mile

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Six years ago, Hannah Hoetmer had zero climbing experience and could barely run a mile. But here she is now, a professional alpinist for The North Face. Of course, with all that is life, her journey has not been without challenges, but certainly, her story is a nudge to taking risks and finding purpose in life.

Hannah is involved in her own adventure goals but also deeply invested in the success of others and breaking down barriers in the climbing world by providing accessible training, resources, and support for climbers with diverse needs.

She is also a big champion for women achieving their dreams and is endeavoring to complete a project she calls 30 before 30, which is to mentor 30 women before she turns 30 next year.

This is an inspiring conversation for those on the edge of making shifts and taking risks, please share this episode with your community and let the trickle effect commence.

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In this episode:

  • The Infinity Loop
  • Venturing into the unknown
  • Summiting the volcano
  • Inspiration and vision behind 30 under 30
  • Alaska experience as a glacier guide
  • Assisting women in overcoming the obstacles to their success
  • Defining what is successful to you
  • What are the qualities that help you achieve a dream
  • Contrast is good for personal growth
  • Working with North Face
  • Climbing 14’ers on limited experience but firm belief
  • Not everything needs to make sense on paper
  • What if what you’re doing now is worst case scenario
  • Just do something when faced with fear and doubt

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Episode 420 Show Notes:

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