YTP #38 Ask the YTs: Not All Carbs are Equal, Stay Motivated in the Winter and Optimal Race Weight Insight

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Welcome home everyone! Beej and I are at it again with our monthly Ask the YT’s episode where we answer listener questions on everything swim, bike, run, plant-based nutrition and yoga. With your help every week, by tuning into and sharing the YTP, we are changing the face of athleticism. We are bringing to the forefront what science is showing us, that mindfulness, high-vibe nutrition and athleticism, when combined, lead to living our highest performance potential in sport and life.

Today we dive into topics such as achieving optimal race weight and staying motivated in the darkness of the winter months. We share our tried and true post long run fueling recipe and share a big announcement that you can get in on now. We debunk the myth behind carbohydrates and, although we didn’t have any specific questions on mindfulness, we talk a great deal about incorporating mindfulness into as many moments as we can in this life.

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Episode 38 Show Notes

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