YTP #34 Ask the YT’s: Timeless Triathlon, Yoga In Peak Training & Best Meditation Tools

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“Now play the game. Your game. The one that only you were meant to play.
The one that was given to you when you came into this world.”
– Legend of Bagger Vance

Welcome back for another installment of our monthly Ask the YT’s where we answer your questions on everything triathlon, nutrition and life. There is not a question that doesn’t count when we’re talking about the navigation of life and sport so please keep sending us your inquiries for upcoming shows.

Today we are coming to you from our “tiny” home in Carlsbad, California. After six months on the road, our home reached out and grabbed us. Within days of discovering it and after an effortless rental process, we moved in. Originally we felt that we’d be living in Encinitas, the town just to our south, and after much due diligence we came up empty time and time again. While all this was going on, there was a call from Carlsbad that at first we did not hear because we were too wrapped up in living in Encinitas. But on account of me accidentally leasing an apartment, which we did not end up taking, we were led to the Village By the Sea. It was through us embracing Carlsbad as our potential home that brought us to where we live today. We are 450 steps from the beach and one block from town. It is everything that I envisioned when I imagined our life in California and to tell you the truth, it lines up perfectly with what our psychic told us before we left Rhode Island, “coastal breezes and morning fog”. It’s a plant-based paradise and triathlon mecca. We are finding our place in the community and YogiTriathlete is already establishing her presence within the awareness of the locals. We are grateful for the warm reception.

We took a risk. A very big risk. We walked away from our “comfortable” life and followed a call out west. We gave up everything material and walked into the unknown. We traveled the country for six months connecting with people and sharing story. There were nights when we did not know where we would sleep, there were moments of great fear and uncomfortableness but we kept moving forward. With unwavering faith we followed the signs and picked up the next breadcrumb. And somehow it all fell together perfectly to land us exactly where we are today.

The Ride the High Vibe Tour was an adventure that changed us forever. We are more certain now than ever that we are all here for a unique purpose and if we wake up enough in this life, it is our intuition that will guide us. Never underestimate the innate intelligence and wisdom within each of us to always know the best route in life.


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