YTP #27 Ask the YTs: Relationship Road Trippin’ & The Monkey Mind

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As we find ourselves out of states and on the brink of crossing over into California on the very day that this podcast is launching, I welcome back my co-host and soul partner BJ to parse out with me the grandest adventure of our lives.

Common questions, like Where are you? What’s next? What has life been like on the road? Where are you going to live? are coming our way in plenty from many different people and many different angles. Our answers are not always what our inquisitors want to hear but we can only speak our truth from everything we have practiced and learned over these past months.

We are feeling the concept of living against the grain of society more so than ever before as we ready ourselves to jump into the great unknown once again. Moment to moment we are lifting every last ideal of what our lives will look like from here on in. We are open hearted and trusting to what is coming our way and we are undoubtedly changed forever as a result of this adventure.

We’re so grateful to share our experiences with the YT community and are in deep thanks for all your support. Accountability to walk the walk has been fuel for our commitment to living in the moment and detaching from controlling any given outcome so that this massive life transformation can unfold before us all.

We hope you enjoy today’s show, please keep all your comments, questions and feedback coming – it lightens our hearts in times of heaviness and drives us forward on the warrior path.


Episode 27 Show Notes:

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