YTP #16 Ask the YTs: How to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet

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As far as magic bullets go, I have to say eating a plant-based diet is as close as you can get to the magic bullet of health. At least that has been our experience with our everyday life and athletic performance especially in our ability to bounce from workouts and recover quickly after races. We are not nutritionists, we are not dietitians and we are not doctors. What we are is a couple of Ironman athlete yogis in our 40s thriving on a whole foods plant-based diet.

Health begins with what we put into our bodies and mindfulness plays a major role in this because without being able to actually notice what is on the end of the fork consciousness will not play a role in our nutrition. The ability to make conscious choices about the food that goes in and the awareness to notice how that food affects us is everything to understanding which foods are health promoting and which are health diminishing. Although we do consider ourselves to be vegan and strong advocates for rights of animals, those without voices, we prefer to use the terminology plant-based because this feels more inclusive and inviting for all to participate. Plant-based eating essentially means that the foundation of the diet is plants. It also makes the assumption that diet mainly consists of whole foods filled with fiber and nutrients. High in the good stuff, low in the bad stuff.

We keep our meals very simple because like many people, we are busy and our days are full. Sometimes our dinners are no more than 2 or 3 ingredients but eating across the spectrum and stretching across the weeks it seems as though we are getting everything we need to thrive.

Today we take listener questions on plant-based eating and dive in by sharing our experience, knowledge and secrets to living a vibrant life. If something goes unanswered for you in the episode please let us know, if it sparks further inquiry please send us your question for our next installment of Ask the YTs. Never hesitate to reach out and find out how to feel more alive in your body and mind everyday!


Episode #16 Show Notes:

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