Workshop Gratitude

Workshop Gratitude
February 8, 2015 Jess

Still riding the high from yesterday’s yoga for athletes workshop at Rhode Island Power Yoga. A super cool community of runners, cyclists, crossfitters, triathletes and all around badasses. The connection between yoga and competitive sports is blowing up.  Athletes are getting on board, lives are changing and PRs are getting smashed.

Yoga increases focus and decreases stress. It will whip your body into balance and teach you how to control your mind so that you may use it at your will. Since competition is 90% mental, I’d say yoga is every athlete’s secret weapon. Learning to accomplish miraculous things with very little effort is what keeps me motivated.  Learning to be open and detached has lessened my suffering greatly. Yoga is union. It is joining and this gets us closer to our natural state of oneness. This oneness is where we find our endless abyss of energy, inspiration and power. Yoga will give you the tools to tap into that part of you.

I want to continue to grow this workshop and share everything I know about yoga and the body. I’ve been feeling great momentum with this for months. I’ll be taking it on the road next month and landing in New Jersey at Yoga Soul.  I am so grateful for all who attended yesterday’s event and for all the feedback I’ve received.  Keep it coming!



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