Week #7 Ironman Training

Week #7 Ironman Training
February 19, 2014 Jess

Eating well, resting and training strong are the goals right now.  Staying focused and staying in flow.  Roll with the punches, as my mom would say.  I’ve found this mindset to be a key limiter in my suffering on and off the race course.  With a 10k looming on Sunday I knew I would be able to put that mindset into practice. In preparation, my volume for the week was reduced and I enjoyed some well needed rest.  I had Saturday off completely, no training and no teaching.  A free Saturday is a rarity these days and most likely the last one leading up to Lake Placid.  Saturday morning I woke bright eyed at 5:30am and dove into a new book, The Pleasure Trap and read for several hours.  I took a break to load up on my pre-race breakfast; gluten-free, vegan pancakes using Bob’s Red Mill mix, homemade almond milk and egg substitute (2T flax meal, 6T water).  For a 10k distance, it wasn’t necessary to practice my day before nutrition but it never hurts to find the groove. Stay in flow, right?

As promised the storm blew in Saturday which aided my relax time and dumped a ton of snow.  The race I registered for was in Plymouth, one of the hardest hit from the storm so even though the race was still on we decided to forgo the travel.  I was still going to race it was just going to be solo and local.  I’ve done this before and found no one more competitive with me, than me. I knew it would hurt, I was prepared to put it all out there, despite conditions.  Which, by the way were bright blue skies and gorgeous ocean views but tough road conditions.  Puddles, slush and slippery hard pack were available. I don’t remember a time that my feet were that wet and that cold except Denver Marathon 2007.  Admittedly, I sometimes tire of suiting up in 2 pairs of winter running tights, 3 shirts, a running jacket, balaclava, hat, 2 pairs of gloves and ski socks but I also love the added challenge of the harsh conditions.  It adds another layer for me that pushes me further toward grace which has benefits that reach far beyond my triathlon life.

I woke Sunday morning and completed my long meditation for the week, 60 minutes focused on the universal faculties of power and joy.  I lapped up my pre-race breakfast; applesauce, banana and Vega then followed with a cup of decaf and my book.  Beej had mentioned the night before that maybe he would join me, he had 20 miles on his plan for the day.  I love when I get to reap the benefit of my super fast hubby.  Just so happens my race pace is his training pace. Go figure.

We headed out to Brenton Point, the windiest part of the island but also one of the most beautiful.  The ocean was bright with light reflection and there was a fierce roll to its flow.  The waves were splashing high off the rocks, it was breathtaking. After a solid warm up, the gun went off.  I headed east along Ocean Drive with the Beej at my side.  There wasn’t alot of talking, we just fell in stride and I kept pushing along.  The roads were narrowed by the snow pack and cars were close, very close a few times.  The course was hilly and I just kept reminding myself to relax in.  I kept thinking the words power and joy.  The miles ticked away quickly and before I knew it I had less than 2 to go.  Beej had me surge towards the end and just hang on as long as I could, with about a mile to go I surged and kept it.  I finished up at 49 min which is a 7:54 mile.  Not a PR but certainly my most relaxed and steady 10k to date.  It’s a difficult distance because you really have to push hard from the start.  Continuing to drive yourself into discomfort and settling yourself.  Another reminder that I am an endurance girl and much prefer the other kind of hurt.  I finished up the day with a recovery bike, much relaxation time and the new season of House of Cards.  Anyone?  Oh my!

Week #7 Recap

1500 yd swim
75 min heated vinyasa
1h 31m Z2 ride
50 min recovery bike
33 min Z2 run
60 min heated vinyasa
1h 15m z2 bike


1300 yd swim
20 min recovery run
60 min vinyasa
10k race
40 min recovery bike



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