August 26, 2015 Jess

“Everything in life is vibration” said Albert Einstein, very well known theoretical physicist and probably less well known to be what I consider a great yogi. He studied and developed theories and laws within the framework of science that I work with in spiritual practice, both my own and in my yoga teachings for others. This was a man who kept mostly to himself, away from the noise of the modernizing world around him which I believe allowed him to tap into his highest intelligence. As much as science may want to reveal that he was tapping into his brain power, I believe that his brain power served as the vehicle for his higher mind power to kick out the brilliance that laid the foundation of physics today.

The higher mind is something we all have and some are more familiar with it than others.  It is also known as our intuitive mind or god mind. It is the conduit between our divine source, whatever that is for you, and our thinking mind.  It is the part of us that sees all, hears all, receives all and knows all while remaining un-phased by it all.  It sits up top, in the penthouse of existence and has a 360 degree view of all our possibilities, solutions and paths.  It is the part of us that chimes in deep within our bellies to tell us to stay away or go for it. It is the part of us that is ego-less and therefore organizes towards joining as opposed to separation. It is our underlying guiding force that holds our greatest expression of life, our best self and our highest vibration.

The problem is we don’t always listen to it, in fact, for most people it is rarely even included in the conversation. Many have never been introduced to the idea of a higher mind while some just plain don’t believe in it.  For those folks, I offer this simple exercise to introduce the existence of this top floor resident. Sit down and listen to everything around you and within you. Take it all in for a few moments then ask yourself, “who is hearing all of this?”. Your mind may answer, “me, I am hearing this, duh.” If this is your answer, ask again. And again. And again. And again… This consistency of curiosity will subtly begin to show you that there are in fact two within each of us. The one hearing and the one noticing the hearing. The doer and the knower. The knower is the higher mind vibration of your life.

When we function from our higher vibration we create more of what we want in life. It is a contagious type of living which lends to the creation of an uplifted collective consciousness where the Debbie Downers of life tend to fall away. It’s a life that flows from moment to moment because it is a life of alignment. This doesn’t mean that everything is always going to be easy or that there won’t be times where we fall out of alignment. There most certainly will be both but the higher mind knows that it’s not about what is happening to us, it’s about how we move through those moments that is ever telling. It is the tough times where our sacred moments of transformation are found. Living the high vibe is a constant practice in understanding that everything that comes our way is for our greatest good and contains our highest learning potential. The high mind, by nature, embraces and even welcomes these moments. Learning to tap into that unphased piece of self is where true power is found in every aspect of life. It is the place where great athletic achievements occur, awe inspiring technological advances are made and where amazing works of art are created. High vibe living is choosing to live your highest self no matter the circumstance with no attachment to the result or wonder of why something is happening.

So how do we do this? How do we stand tall in the face of challenge when it is so easy to shrink? How do we live the high vibe in every breath we take? How do we manifest our authentic life so that we may recognize and share the gifts that we brought into this world to share? How do we take action on great inspiration that scares the heck out of us?

Step one: hone the skill of present moment awareness.  Learning to shift my awareness from low vibrational thoughts to a direct experience with the now, showed me the truth of what was actually happening.  Noticing my breath is the quickest route I’ve found to the now. It is here where I can see that I have a choice in my every action. I can accept what is happening or resist it. At any time, I can flow or suffer. Each one is a choice that offer very different vibrations. It is from this vantage point that I was able to notice the tendencies of my mind and actions. When I mustered the courage to look at this honest vision of myself, I did not like what I saw. I would road rage it up, yell and swear in moments of conflict, put myself and others down and then wonder why life was so hard and people were jerks. It was because I was so hard and I was a jerk. It was this blatant truth that was the catalyst for my change. I started to exercise my right to pause and choose the action that was aligned with the direction I wanted to go.

Step two: consume a high vibrational diet. Mother nature provides in her abundance. When ripe, her fruits fall from the trees, her vegetables pull easily from the ground and her seeds provide food for the future. Her bounty is complete with every nutrient we need to sustain a healthy life. A clean diet means a cleaner body which means a cleaner mind which equals a higher vibration. Look for color on your plate and eat mostly plants. Start with just one step today and make that one step a habit. Don’t be concerned with changing everything now just take one choice at a time. Routinely pause to notice what you are eating and how it makes you feel after. Get real with what you are putting into your body for we truly are what we eat.

Step three: commit to sit. Meditation is by far, the most direct route to riding the high vibe. When we get still, away from the noise of our ever modernizing world we get closer to our higher mind. The channels between the knower and the doer open up and there is room for our intuitive self to deliver its messages and for those messages to be received. The more I listen to my high vibe the more I receive exactly that back. Every relationship in my life is better now, my suffering and hard times are fewer. I see a world that is much more loving than before and I know that is an exact reflection of my frequency.

Riding the high vibe is not about being perfect, or stopping thoughts or renouncing the material world to go live in a cave. Riding the high vibe is about finding alignment with your purpose and living the authentic life that is meant just for you in the midst of an every changing world. It’s about cultivating joy, love and passion. Finding true power in neutrality and putting inspiration into action regardless of the low vibrational vampires of fear, anxiety and doubt. It requires courage and steadfastness. Riding the high vibe is a choice and the more people we can get on board, I believe, the higher we can raise the consciousness of every person on this earth.

Einstein summed it all up when he said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” So live it, love it, feel it and hashtag it. Send us your photos and stories. Help us share your high vibe life with all those who are ready for a loving hand to help them out of the darkness of low vibe living.





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