Weekly Yoga for Athletes Class – Oceanside, CA

Weekly Yoga for Athletes Class – Oceanside, CA
March 2, 2017 Jess

Calling all athletes in North San Diego County! Join our Head Yogi, Jess every Saturday at Black Sheep Yoga in Oceanside for Yoga for Athletes. This class is the ideal one-hour companion to your weekend training. Register now or sign up at the time of class.

About the Class
Training is so much more than getting your workouts done and all the best athletes in the world know this to be true. Athletic performance pushes your body to the edge by inducing controlled levels of damage but without proper balance, physical and mental, athletes are at a greater risk for injury. This heated power vinyasa class, specifically designed for the athlete body and mind, will strengthen common areas of weakness, lengthen soft tissue, increase range of motion and open joint space. This class is founded on teaching yoga’s mindfulness practices in the midst of a challenging workout. Athletes will be guided to strengthen their focus on present moment awareness which is the basis for entering the coveted state of flow. Athletes will leave this class feeling completely wrung out, restored and ready to master their next training session.

About Jess
Jess is an RYT 500 yoga instructor, plant-based Ironman triathlete, sports and orthopedic massage therapist, mindfulness coach, podcast host and Head Yogi at YogiTriathlete. She credits mindfulness practices and high vibrational eating with creating significant and meaningful changes in her health, career and relationships; and holds both essential to peak performance.

The core of her teaching focuses on being present and relevant to each individual class, resulting in a dynamic experience that creates a calm connection in the midst of a physically challenging practice. Her goal as an instructor is to effectively teach students how to rely on mindful movement as a means to navigate life and sport. Jess has a decade plus of experience working with athletes on body maintenance, restoring balance and injury rehabilitation.


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