Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
December 19, 2013 Jess

Over the next few days we will experience the Winter Solstice. The sun is preparing to change directions from moving southward to moving northward. There is a pause in the middle of this direction change called the “solstice”. This event marks the increase of light in our days despite it being the shortest day of the year.  It is a time of death and rebirth. A great time to let go of something that you’ve been hanging onto so that you can go deeper into realizing your true self.  The winter solstice of last year set our existence into a new cycle of awakening.  Many people have felt this shift and have made big changes in their lives.

I saw it time and time again with my clients.  They were done being in pain, being stressed and on medication.  I also have seen it in the yoga studio, people are seeking more calm, more peace and more joy.  I know this because not only have I seen it, I’ve experienced in on a tremendous level in the last year.  I have spent the better part of 2013 working out some serious karmic shit.  Deep layers of anger, anxiety and love have all surfaced for me this year and given me an opportunity to see inside myself.  Although a gnarly investigation at times I am much lighter now and more in touch with my path.

This awakening cycle is not going anywhere, it is only growing stronger.  The drive to fetch a dream, live authentically and be healthy will continue to be prominent in the lives of many.  This is the time to find out who you are, open to your pure potentiality and transcend the bullshit.  You are what matters, you are worthy of knowing your purpose and living it fully.

There is so much love being shared this time of year, it’s the perfect time to start shining some of that on yourself. As we enter into these last few weeks of the holiday season savor your time with loved ones, practice techniques to stay present and soak in the loving energy that is in full abundance right now. Harness it, turn it inwards and start to uncover the divine being that is you.

Happy Holidays – Happy Solstice – Happy Journey



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