Resistance: a few thoughts.

Resistance: a few thoughts.
September 11, 2013 Jess

Resistance to reality is the root of all suffering.  There is nothing in this lifetime that holds more truth than reality.  It’s our tendency to resist that is the core of our unhappiness and struggle in life.  I use the word struggle because that feels like a heavier word than challenge.  Struggle feels darker to me, more work.  Challenge feels more manageable, less work.  When we accept reality, we are able to navigate the challenges and receive the rewards of life with more neutrality.   As the ebbs and flows continue to roll the end points are not so distant anymore.  The highs and lows feel more like a gentle roll of energy, like the undulation of the ocean.

When I was younger I wanted to live in a different house for no real reason, I wanted different parents sometimes, I wanted new school clothes and more money when the fair came into town.  I spent more time looking at what I didn’t have instead of taking a step in to notice what was already there.  Embracing it, loving it. Why not? What’s the risk? Happiness? Contentment? Joy, perhaps? What I can confirm is that as I continue to choose the path of less resistance and embrace what is, my life is becomes more enjoyable. It’s so simple, I want what I have in full gratitude. Lower resistance, more flow.

I can still feel things that I haven’t let go of yet but man I have come a long way!  I thought of one earlier today, I’m a short hair girl but I want long hair!  I did grow it long once when I was in my 20s and it was fabulous but had its downsides.  I remember rolling it up in the window a lot and sometimes shutting it in the door than sitting down…ouch!  I have been there, done that but still I can’t help but feel envy when I see someone twisting up their mane.  I’ll keep working on letting that go…stand by on that one.  As for you, just notice where you resist and keep in mind that you cannot selectively resist.  When you resist one thing.  You resist all things.

Peace out!


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