Reboot Day #1

Reboot Day #1
January 6, 2014 Jess

We’re in it now!  Day #1 of our Reboot with Joe is well underway and with only 2 more juices to go I’d say its been a success.  Here’s a brief recap from both of us:

Rebooting is like racing, whatever you’re concerned with pre-race never seems to be an issue come race day.  Today has proven similar.  My concern, being a pitta and lover of food, was that I was going to feel hungry, shaky, unsteady.  Not the case although I did feel a little jealous when I fed my dogs and then proceeded to standby as they masticated.

It was an early 4am wake up for me, meditation then off to the pool for a swim. Came home from the pool to a Sunrise juice from Joe’s reboot menu then practiced 75-min of vinyasa yoga.  Following this, I had a second juice then headed off to teach class.  Here’s where things started to hit me.  A little hazy, low grade headache started to loom and I felt a tad behind the eight ball.  I was very fortunate to have a massage this afternoon and not much more on the schedule. I headed home to work on some writing projects.  No go!  Words were not flowing, headache made its official arrival and my motivation was generally low.  I headed up to bed with my dogs, where I remain, and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Totally thinking this would be easy from the start, as Jess mentions, we eat very well and juice/blend often.  But boy, it hit me more than I thought it ever would today.  And it wasn’t the juice.  It’s the CAFFEINE!  I have in the past taken a break from coffee a day or two here and there, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I have done it lately.  Thus, the booming headache that has now reached a level that it’s affecting my thoughts.

Backtrack to this morning, where we sipped on ginger root tea on the way to the pool.  That was tasty, and even a bit spicy.  Somehow got through my swim, wasn’t even thinking about having enough food or calories, just how sore my legs were from the weekend’s workouts.  Got home and had a blend for breakfast, and juiced up my lunch and afternoon snack.  Lots of juice.  By noon, the lack of a morning joe was beginning to take affect.  Now I’m home from work, no workouts, and I’m eager to drink my dinner and go to bed in hopes of sleeping it off.  I can’t even remember much of the swim this morning.  And had a little foggy haze surround me most of the day.  Tomorrow is another day and I’m sure I’ll be better.  Never once was I going to cave, but did have thoughts of having one of Jess’s recipes for dinner.  That will be Thursday.


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