Week #2 Ironman Training

Week #2 Ironman Training
January 13, 2014 Jess

Another week done and this one certainly brought some extra goodies.  Starting our Reboot on Monday, Beej and I juiced for 3-days.  No caffeine, no alcohol, no chewing.  Day #1 was the toughest as I experienced surprising and not so surprising caffeine withdrawal symptoms.  The Reboot plan does recommend slowing down exercise but for a triathlete in training I decided to take that recommendation loosely.  I got my workouts in early Monday morning before the withdrawals hit me and once they did I felt worse as the day went on.  I knew that it was taking alot out of me.  The next day I had a bike and run on the plan but instead I took a rest day.  This proved a smart choice.

I was able to recover on Day #2 and although still had a persistent headache was feeling much more energetic.  On Day #3 my decision to rest was confirmed further as I continued to feel nothing shy of amazing.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that when you take a day off or skip a workout you must leave it in the past.  Don’t try and make it up, you skipped it for a reason.  Accept your choice and move on.  I find that lightens my load, mentally more so than anything else.  I found in the past when I tried to make up workouts my weeks would get more hectic and I would be more fatigued.  This completely negates the reason for taking a day off.  I picked up Wednesday and sailed through the rest of the week.

I continue to feel energized and truly feel like I reset my system.  I will absolutely do another Reboot but not until the summer after I race Lake Placid.  For now, I’m moving into week #3 and I’m feeling damn good! Here’s a look at the hay I piled into the barn last week:

Week #2 Recap

2100 yd drill swim
75 min vinyasa yoga
Day Off
49 min run
75 min heated vinyasa
75 min z2 bike
30 min vinyasa yoga


2100 yd swim
46 min z2 run
2h 15m z2 ride
45 min recovery bike
72 min z2 run



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