Day #2 Reboot Recap

Day #2 Reboot Recap
January 8, 2014 Jess

Life is flowing over here at Chez Gumkowski, juice, juice, juice.  Here’s a recap from day #2:

On this early morning of Day 3 I woke vibrant at 5am.  I won’t give to much away yet as I still have to live the day and there’s no telling what can happen with this reboot.  What I can say is that Day #2 for me was a vast improvement over Day #1.  Although I still was experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms: slight headache, focus issues (visual and otherwise) my energy was back.  My body felt really light and open.  I opted for more sleep Monday evening into Tuesday since I would be back in my massage office for a full day of clients and a yoga class to teach in the middle of my day.  I wanted to feel as alert as possible so I put my training on the back burner and ended up taking the day off exercise.  Although my energy was good I wanted to save it for my clients and students.  My ego tried to beat me up a bit about taking the day off but my intuition told me that rest would be my best friend.  After talking with a friend of mine who is a raw vegan chef, guru of body and food, it was clear to her that I was in adrenal fatigue. It seemed silly to tax my system more when it was already working so hard to regain balance.  I always say I’m not a stupid athlete and in order to say this I must live it.  I still haven’t had a hard time with the food part since I’m coming into this plant based, the only difference is I’m drinking my food.  I do find a slight craving to chew but that will come tomorrow.  I’m also having no trouble with the lack of alcohol, a solid 1-2 glass of red wine a night girl, I’m completely fine without it (whew!).

I’m looking forward to seeing what today brings and really I just can’t wait to get to my dessert juice tonight – red grapes, blueberries and mint. OH MY!

Day 2 is in the books.  Felt much more refreshed this morning.  I had my cup of ginger lemon tea, then rode the bike for an hour.  So I didn’t have my first meal/shake till I was on my way to work. My caffeine headache had subsided, but later made an appearance around noontime and then again around 4 o’clock.  So mine came in waves.  Drank lots of water, in addition to the coconut water mid-morning.  My body temperature is the biggest change I’ve seen on this reboot.  I do run cold, but with the cold weather outside, and having mostly cold juices, my body temperature is dropping. I could not get warm at work and when I got home, I was chilled to the bone.  I had thermal layers on and my sleeping bag for warmth, still wasn’t quite warm.  Restless night of sleep too.  Lower body is aching, flu like symptoms without the flu.  Achy in my knees, my glutes, my ankles and calves.

Craving for chewing food is low, but it’s there.  I’m conscious of my habits, such as going into the fridge when I get home from work.  Or looking over on my desk to see my mixed nut & berry snack jar, that quickly went into a drawer only to come out again in a few days.  Overall my mind is getting a bit clearer, moving on from the cloudy feeling I had on Monday.  I again was tired throughout the day, yawning from time to time.  Looking forward to getting back to my routine.  It’s not like we were eating bad, but this reboot was good to see myself from a different perspective.  One more day on the reboot.  No problem.


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