Podcast 87: Jeremy McGhee on the Exploration of Loss, Life and Conquering the Impossible

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Imagine climbing a narrow gully of snow lined with rock faces and cliffs in the Sierra Mountains. In the cacophonous silence of this remote landscape, you hear every morsel of your breath and every crack of snow beneath you. Before you lies a 50-degree pitch on your ascent to the top and although you’ve been climbing for hours the sky still seems so far away. You’ve never been more awake in your life.

You are strapped to a child’s plastic sled with only the use of your arms as the carrier to your destination. Your life is clenched tightly around a pull-up bar tethered on belay and every inch of the climb delivers searing pain that weighs heavy on your already exhausted body and mind. With seemingly nothing left to give, how do you continue?

When everything in his body told him that he had nothing left, Jeremy would exceed his limitations and complete another pull-up. He knew that if he could give 100% of himself to each one, despite the overwhelming fatigue and discomfort, that he would gain maximum travel towards reaching the top of the mountain that haunted him for seven years. Bloody Couloir is a coveted ski and snowboard destination in the Mammoth Lakes region and the spot where Jeremy showed us all what it means to put inspiration into action.

A runner at heart, he was left without the use of his legs after a motorcycle accident in 2001 but that has clearly not stopped this athlete from crushing his goals. Jeremy possesses a mass amount of grit and will and through his loss, he is exploring a whole new level of what is possible.

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Episode 87 Show Notes:

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