Podcast 67: Marek Dvorak, PhD on the Psychology of Sport

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“Do what makes you happy” was the advice Marek received from his parents throughout life. A form of guidance that left him with the responsibility to find his own way. The son of two doctors, Marek always believed that medicine was in his future until he realized in college that his heart wasn’t in it.

With a degree in biochemistry and a Masters in Education, Marek found himself where so many of us have, in the sea of life’s unknown. So he did what any smart college grad would do who didn’t have a career path. He packed up and moved west.

Boulder, Colorado became his new home and like most people who move to this mecca of physical activity, Marek found himself immersed in the triathlon community. He was no stranger to multi-sport or competition having been a swimmer from the age of six and a previous triathlon finisher. As his training intensified and his dedication to the sport grew, Marek started racing as an elite triathlete. It was during this time that his purpose started to show up.

Marek is a planner, he likes to know what is going to happen and so when he took a coaching job at the University of Colorado, he went in with a well-laid-out plan and strategy for success. It was cut and dry. Or so he thought.

Marek learned quickly that coaching requires much more than periodization and intervals. He was being challenged by his athletes in a way he never expected and within this, a deeper desire began to surface, one that he was passionate about. A passion that led him to where he is today.

Marek is well spoken, kind and someone who has, for certain, found a career that he loves. It was a pleasure to sit down with him and flesh out common topics that many of us athletes experience, like competition anxiety, vulnerability, and self-doubt.

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