Podcast 207: Ask the YTs on Training the Mind Through Yoga and Details of Racing Ultra

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We are living within a collective life circumstance that is gifting us all the chance to live at higher levels of consciousness. There is a global light being shined on our pain and the willingness to notice that pain is our first step. Once we see it, we may transcend it. As we let go, we rise.

Today, BJ and I catch up on how we’ve been navigating these unprecedented times and how we are teaching yoga in a way that helps to prepare us for the uncertainty of life. We have been streaming classes twice a week with the YT community, and it’s been a connected experience for all. We are excited for more. We also answer a few submitted questions regarding ultrarunning, my experience with the Tahoe Rim Trail 100, and gratefully, we even received a question about Clark.

Thank you all for supporting the show, we are so confident to be leading this charge with so many like-minded warriors by our side. Let’s continue to rise, reveal our unshakeability, and be the change that we dream of seeing in the world.

Namaste –

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Episode 207 Show Notes

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