Podcast 164: Tim Dixon on Playing a Bigger Game in Life and the Internal Competition of Presence

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The universe conspires to support us, and many times, that means that it will first bring us to our knees. For Tim Dixon, universal support showed up by way of getting fired from his coaching position with the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. As much as it was a shock to him and a significant blow to his ego, Tim and his wife had been looking for an exit strategy for months. This duality is a place where many of us get caught up, and when our life situation shifts, even when we were asking for change, we find ourselves split between the excitement of freedom and the fear of the unknown.

Tim looks back today at that experience as one of the best things that ever happened to him because it called him to a higher level of performance. It required him to surrender control, embark on a journey of inner work, and it taught him how to forgive, which he believes is the ultimate key to freedom. He was forced to redefine himself and play a bigger game in life, the very thing that inspired his business, The Mental Locker.

For 27 years Tim was in the arena of baseball, first as a professional player and second as a coach. He believed baseball was the end-all be-all for this professional life, but since that serendipitous day at the academy, he sees that excellence far exceeds the realm of athletics. Tim is innately competitive, and today, his internal competitiveness is towards how present he can be in his daily life. How can he be precisely where his feet are in a moment, and how can he become a better listener in the moment to assist others in being their best?

This guy has an inner fire that drives him forward, and he is learning how to use that fire with finesse and less agenda than in the past. Tim is an athlete, best-selling author, and a sports psychologist. Tim is a Performance Coach for Buffini and Company, the largest business coaching and training company in North America.

I love this guy, I love his fire, and I love that he was generous enough to not only share a podcast with us but also take questions from our Patreon community. That exclusive content is available now on patreon.com/yogitriathlete. If you’re not a Patreon supporter, then head over to make your pledge and gain access to over 100 patron extras. Thank you for your support of the show, we are grateful for you all.

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