Podcast 159: Magda Boulet on Sports Nutrition, Longevity and Rising Up from her Biggest Disappointment

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Following an in-depth production tour at GU Energy, BJ and I met with Magda Boulet to record this episode in her office. Magda is Vice President of Innovation, Research, and Development at GU and it all started many years ago when she knocked on the door and asked for help. At the time, Magda was a roadrunner looking to up her game and she knew that sports nutrition was an important piece for her to learn. That day she met the legendary Dr. Vaughan, who created the first energy gel to aid his daughter to reach her peak performance in ultrarunning. Never did Magda think that day, that she would also someday become an ultramarathoner and a GU executive.

Magda grew up in Poland and immigrated to the United States in 1991. She barely spoke English and started her career at Taco Bell in Southern California. She became a US Citizen on September 11, 2001. She attended Cal Berkeley and loved it so much that she never left. It is the town that she still calls home. She ran for Cal Berkeley where she met her husband and fellow runner Richie. A professional marathoner for many years, Magda trained under the guidance of Jack Daniels for over a decade.

In 2008, she placed 2nd to Deena Kastor at the Olympic Trials in Boston and earned herself the honor of representing the United States at the Bejing Olympics. An experience that she describes as her biggest disappointment but also the experience that led to a rebirth of her career and her fastest times.

Magda has generously shared her backstory on several podcasts and we’ve linked to a few of those below in the show notes so definitely check those out. For this episode, we wanted to tap into her knowledge bank and dive right into sports nutrition. We talk about the biggest mistake that she sees athletes make when it comes to nutrition and her perspective on low carb diets for athletes. We also talk about the importance of longevity in the sport, her relationship with Jack Daniels and her transition from road to trail.

If you’ve heard Magda before or met her in person then you know that she is genuinely kind and holds a contagious passion for life. She is committed to pulling the best out of herself every day whether that is on the trail, at home or in the office. Although she dreams of sleeping in until 10 am and going on vacation to do nothing, she knows that an active, full life is the only choice for her. We are so grateful to have recorded this episode with her and excited to share it with the YT community.

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