Podcast 143: Matt Llano on the Path to Uncover his Fastest Marathon Ever

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Truth is fluid. There is nothing to hide from or pretend to be when we are living in our truth. There are no blocks to our dreams or limits to our expression when we live from a place of truth. Truth is freedom. It means we can be in the same room as all the people in our lives and not have to worry about how to act or what to say.

So many of us live from behind a mask, concerned about what others think. We can get so consumed with who we are supposed to be that we lose ourselves in the process. Truth is simplicity and it is always waiting patiently within us to be lived.

For years, Matt Llan played different roles for different people at different times. He couldn’t be in the same room with all the people in his life on account of the various masks he would need to wear. He was in a battle with himself and living in between his truth and the pressure of who he thought he was supposed to be. Until the day, when he broke down his biggest barrier. It was on his 21st birthday that he gave himself the greatest gift ever, truth.

Matt is a professional marathoner with a half marathon PR of 1:01 and full marathon best of 2:12:28. Under the guidance of Ryan Hall, he is in pursuit of breaking the 2:10 barrier in his sport. Matt shows up every day to get the work done but like never before, he has realized that the physical is not enough. He is bravely diving deep within to uncover his best self. The Matt that he knows has already accomplished everything he dreams of.

We are so grateful for the depth to which Matt was willing to go in this conversation. We hope you enjoy the show and thank you for your support of our mission to create a better world.



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Episode 143 Show Notes:

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