Episode 391 Professional Triathlete, Svenja Thoes Running On Fumes At The Ironman World Championships

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Jess and BJ welcome professional triathlete and flight attendant Svenja Thoes to the show today.

Svenja never thought or lived like she would race the best of the best on the big island, but that is precisely what she did a few weeks ago. Today, the three of them unpack her experience, unlikely backstory, and vision of the future.

After winning a contest at work, she was given entry into Ironman 70.3 Mallorca. At the time, she didn’t swim, she didn’t bike, and sometimes she ran with her dog. But when race day showed up, so did Svenja.

She claimed 2nd in her age group that day and qualified for the 70.3 World Championship, where she went on to win her age group.

Over a decade later and a recent top 20 finish at the big dance on the big island, we can safely assume this woman was meant for triathlon.

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In this episode:

  • big change from when she was a child
  • her journey in turning professional
  • pressure to race as a pro vs age group
  • first Ironman experience
  • goals for her Ironman World Championship race
  • what calls her to persevere
  • 5th fastest run in Kona
  • feeling all alone and being ok
  • running on fumes to the finish
  • making a decision to risk it in spite of fears, doubts
  • who Svenja looks up to
  • going all in with triathlon
  • starting from the unknown
  • coach/athlete relationship
  • training sessions she loves
  • plans for the future
  • shifting to a positive mindset

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