Episode 388: Jayme Linker Endurance Athlete On Her 2024 Back To Back To Back Ocean Crossing

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Time and again, year after year, we continue to hear the unfolding of the amazing lives shared on this show, and it’s always so cool when we connect with a YT listener who is finding great purpose in life and willing to share.

Jayme Linker reached out a few weeks ago to introduce herself, which left our jaws on the ground. This woman is living off the front of adventure and fueling it with a purpose of service and an attitude of health and well-being for all, including herself.

Jayme has been an extreme adventure athlete for over a decade, starting in Obstacle Course Racing and now a world record holder as an ocean rower.

Jayme is the 1st US female to row both the Atlantic and Mid-Pacific Oceans and is working towards the next record-breaking project for the summer of 2024. Her team will become the first to embark on a circumnavigation attempt of all three oceans, starting with the Indian Ocean, then the Atlantic Ocean, and ending with the Pacific Ocean.

Jayme and her teammate Owen will row for several causes, including Eating Disorder Awareness, which is close to Jayme’s heart and life experience.

We know that pain transmuted is fuel for a purposeful life that can serve many, and by utilizing her own battle with eating disorders, Jayme is committed to facing her fears so that others may benefit.

It’s an inspiring episode of one woman’s great battle and the undefeatable spirit that keeps her reaching for more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jayme’s journey with eating disorder
  • Obstacle course racing
  • Gathering the skills of a rower
  • Ocean row metrics
  • Trusting your teammates and your skills
  • Making her own food for her ocean crossings
  • Training on no water and little sleep
  • Practice eating “fear foods” so the brain will not restrict
  • Training for survival adventures on land
  • 6-8 hours training daily
  • One hour per week spent rowing
  • Logistics of rowing, fueling, and sharing space
  • Eating disorder awareness and raising funds
  • Circumnavigation of three oceans back to back to back
  • Dimensions and features of her ocean boat


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