Episode 324: Ironman 70.3 Oregon Smackdown

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In this episode, we are joined by fellow Team YogiTriathlete athletes Chris Elmore and Daniel Reintjes.

We recorded this episode about 48 hours after the completion of Ironman 70.3 Oregon. We love to capture these conversations when we still have fatigue in the brain, soreness in the body, and relative remembrances of the feels of race day.

Chris or CJaye is the creator of Endureus, which helps organizations protect the planet by donating all proceeds from products, donations, and earnings collected through Endureus initiatives. He has a huge YouTube following and just completed documenting his 16-week build-up to Oregon. We highly recommend checking out Chris’s offerings.

Also with us is Coach Daniel one of our triathlon coaches here at YogiTriathlete and the founder of Vegan Powered Athlete. This powerful movement expressed itself through Daniel after the sudden loss of his mom to chronic lifestyle disease. VPA’s mission is to influence, educate and provide resources for an athletic vegan lifestyle, so nobody has to face the pain of losing a loved one to a disease that is highly preventable with proper diet and lifestyle changes.

These two athletes are not just crushing workouts and races, but BJ and I feel honored to say that they are both furthering YogiTriathlete’s mission to create a better world.

We hope you guys enjoy this smackdown and if we left any stone unturned for you, please reach out with your questions.

In this episode we discuss:

•river swim experience
•working with expectations of a race
•being in calm energy
•Jess’s return to 70.3 racing
•things you see on an Ironman bike course
•train the mind to not resist the current situation
•fast transitions
•shifting focus away from the pain towards something else
•nailing your nutrition takes presence
•words can shift your story
•bike fit to run to your potential
•the meaning you give to pain
•favorite volunteer story
•working through panic in the swims
•goals and desires



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