411 from the 401: Ironman World Championship 2013

411 from the 401: Ironman World Championship 2013
October 10, 2013 Jess

The party is underway at our house in preparation for this weekend’s Ironman World Championship. We are triathletes, endurance junkies; this is our superbowl!  Can I get an AMEN?! The knowing that a collection of mentally and physically elite men and women are coming together to share in an epic experience on a sacred island is very exciting to me. I tend to be a sucker for any opportunity that challenges me to transcend the physical and tap into something greater.  Or as Meditator Bob said today ‘get your body to catch up with your will’ then it will take care of itself. I love to experience this higher level of consciousness and get super jazzed about watching others do the same.

As we ready for our own race this Sunday, a local half marathon, the energy levels are high and climbing.  The bonus of it all is when we wake up we will be catching the stream of midnight finishers in Kona. The perfect compliment to our race morning breakfast and final boost to run our asses off in Newport, thousands of miles away.

BJ, the Kona nerve center in our house, has us ramping up on all the pre race coverage.  He can talk the stats, favorites and picks like he’s a paid commentator.  He doesn’t plan to miss a beat on race day and will no doubt be running multiple computers on multiple floors with multiple tabs.   Follow all the action with us by checking out these links below.

Aloha and godspeed!

Pre Race Coverage
Breakfast with Bob
Competitor Magazine
Burst Videos

Race Day Coverage
How to Watch It
Ironman Triathlon

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