Join us at 7am every Saturday starting OCTOBER 7 at Peace, Love & Yoga in Carlsbad for a run group followed by yoga at 8am. Do one or both. All levels welcome! Be there at 6:50am. Runs include all levels of pace and abilities.


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Triathlon. Yoga. Running. Mindfulness. Plant-Based Nutrition. Personal Training.


The sport that becomes a lifestyle. Swim, bike and run your way to your first triathlon or Ironman race this season. Do it with more ease, the YogiTriathlete way.


A vibrant life is the right of every person and it starts with what we put into our bodies.


The greatest thing about yoga is you can do it anywhere, anytime, for free.


Mindfulness is the key to a healthier, rested and happier life but there is no better proof than to experience it yourself.




we are on a mission to create a better world and we are doing that by cultivating the best in our athletes, sharing stories through our podcast, teaching mindfulness in our yoga classes and promoting a healthy lifestyle through plant-based nutrition

Triathlon Coaching


Plant-Based Nutrition


Mindfulness & Meditation

Personal Training

Yoga Schedule - Jess

Monday (9/25)
8:30 am at PLAY in Carlsbad
12:00 pm at PLAY in Carlsbad

Wednesday (9/27)
6:00 am at Black Sheep Yoga in Oceanside
8:30 am at PLAY in Carlsbad
7:00 pm at Evolve in Carlsbad

Thursday (9/28)
8:30 am at PLAY in Carlsbad

Friday (9/29)
6:00 am at Black Sheep Yoga in Oceanside
4:00 pm at Evolve in Encinitas

Saturday (9/30)
9:30 am at Yoga Bound in Carlsbad
1:30-3:30 Yoga for Athletes at PLAY in Carlsbad

Sunday (10/1)
4:00 pm at Evolve in Encinitas

Yoga Schedule - BJ

Monday (9/25)
6:00 am at Black Sheep Yoga in Oceanside

Saturday (9/30)
1:30-3:30 Yoga for Athletes at PLAY in Carlsbad

What people are saying

  • When it comes to race strategy, BJ is an ace. I doubted him on my first race but followed what he suggested and ended up killing it. After that, I was a believer.  He's super-smart when it comes to race day nutrition, psychology and motivation. I really never thought I would run another marathon but with BJ's help, I accomplished it easily.
  • Jess has such a radiant and magnetic personality and I found her presentation to be extremely helpful. I have started meditating each morning and am already feeling the benefits
  • There were a few things that BJ had me doing during training that I was initially skeptical of (heart rate training being one, with track workouts and increased interval sprints being the two others) but those were the exact things that ended up helping me to accomplish my goals. Not only did BJ coach me through running 4 half-marathons in a year, he did it with the strategy that each race would build up to my final one, where I was able to cut 10 minutes off my finishing time and PR. And I did that entire year of training with no injuries or overtraining issues and successfully fitting it in without giving up the rest of my life.
  • It truly changed my life. It's been hard work but I've been getting up at 6am everyday and taking a few minutes to reflect. It's impacted my life and relationship in so many ways.
  • BJ's coaching is multifaceted but what I love the most about him is his energy. He's genuinely enthusiastic about your progress and accomplishments. He's bright and positive and a pleasure  to work with. I can't imagine not training with him in some form for the long haul.

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