YTP #3: Valerie Griffiths, On the Plant-Based Mindful Life

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Today I welcome our good friend Valerie, fellow plant-based yogi, business owner, meditator and head of her tribe. She really is doing it all and she’s doing it oh so well. We believe that is because of her commitment to being mindful in everything she does from helping with the early morning rush of getting kids off to school to teaching her students at the studio. There’s not much that we don’t cover in this episode. From yoga to nutrition education in medical schools to plant-based eating and multi-tasking mindfulness, this installment of the YTP has the longest running time yet.

Val and I share so many similarities in our transformational stories. We both chose the same yoga teacher and mentor but from two different entry points and became teachers within a year of each other. We share classroom experiences and our love for beginners. We talk about how the puzzle of life always fits together perfectly in the end and if we just take our hands off the wheel, life is so much easier. I share my method for getting back to sleep at night when my mind wants to run and my perspective on the effects of our thought life. I also open up, just a tiny bit about my struggle with eating disorders and being my own victimizer. I know this is a real issue right now with so many and I’m happy to explore this more in upcoming episodes.

Valerie shares a recent diagnosis where she refused treatment via conventional medicine in lieu of finding another way. She gives her insight into slowing down and tools she uses to make contact with the now moment. Tools that come in handy when she’s preparing food for her family that she would never consider eating herself.

Valerie worked with our High Vibe Kitchen this year to not only bring her plant-based diet to the next level but to shift her whole family to this way of eating. This is no easy task for a mom of three athletic and busy kids with severe food allergies who are many times eating on the run and with friends outside of the home. It’s been a long road of food evolution for this family and Val shares how she now sees the food allergies as a gift.

This episode is about not getting too far ahead of what’s happening right now and finding moments between the moments. Accepting what is and dropping the need to worry or control a situation. She ends her interview with great wisdom on a topic that will be explored more in an upcoming episode. It’s advice that we can all apply to every facet of our lives.

We hope you enjoy this installment of the YogiTriathlete Podcast and thank you for sending in your questions and comments.  Please keep those coming, this podcast is for you!

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  1. Kevin Bruff 8 years ago

    Excellent, clear audio. Nicely done. (coolness; Yogi power mom’). I like the back track as well. Authentic and Personal, I like it.

    • Author
      Jess 8 years ago

      Thanks for tuning in Kevin! Keep the feedback and comments coming. Help us craft this podcast to be the best it can…what more would you like to hear about? Life, mindfulness, triathlon, yoga, plant-based nutrition – it’s up all for discussion.

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