YTP #20 ZenMan Shane Eversfield: Ultra Endurance Athlete and Author on Kinetic Intelligence and the Gift of Mobility

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Progress not perfection is all we ever need to continue our trek towards mastery. A focus on process rather than the goal will help to keep us aligned with this path. What we master is of our choice. In the case of today’s guest, Shane Eversfield, otherwise known as ZenMan, the path to mastery is triathlon. Considered by Shane to be an art form, his triathlon training is focused on crafting the perfect technique as the means to obtain kinetic intelligence. His road to going longer with less effort and taking less of a toll on his body. His commitment to technique is founded on the basis of mindful movement, a practice he’s been engaged in for his entire adult life.

Shane holds a B.A. in Modern Dance and has been a practitioner of T’ai Chi and mindful running since the late 1970’s. His pursuit of mastering technique in his sport has been the basis for his massive athletic accomplishments, including racing Ironman Lake Placid on PowerCranks, finishing 12th overall at the Hawaii Ultraman World Championship and his latest endeavor, a solo 99 hours of movement celebration which totaled 500 miles of swim, bike, run. He completed this incredible feat to raise awareness for ALS in honor of his step-brother who lost his life to this neurodegenerative disease a few years ago.

Shane is the author of Zendurance: A Spiritual Fitness Guide for Endurance Athletes which teaches how to gain “effortless power using simple zen techniques. Although a USAT Level 1 coach and Total Immersion Master coach, Shane considers himself more of a counselor for the athletes rather than a coach.  He admits that he’s only agreed to “train” one athlete in his history and this was because the athlete had already climbed Mt. Everest. Shane, feeling confident in his athlete’s mental sturdiness, agreed to train him for Ironman Lake Placid a number of years ago. Shane says he hesitates to write a plan for someone because he’s afraid they would follow it in lieu of developing the deep felt sense required to truly become a Zendurance athlete.

Finding Shane was like finding the long lost sibling of YogiTriathlete and we are thrilled to bring a mindfulness based ultra endurance athlete of this caliber to the YT audience. It was an honor to sit down with the ZenMan himself and we found ourselves captivated by his wisdom gained through decades of practicing what he teaches, mindfulness in motion.


Episode #20 Show Notes:

Zendurance Cycling – Shane’s website

Zendurance: A Spiritual Fitness Guide for Endurance Athletes

Zendurance on Facebook


Total Immersion

Ironman Lake Placid

UltraMan World Championship

Moving Beyond ALS – donate to the ALS Association

High Peaks Cyclery

Fat Adapted

Hammer Nutrition

Ironman World Championships – Kona

Chi Running

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Blood Type Diets


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