YTP #11: Philip Urso on Yoga, Being Authentic and Tapping Into the Flow State

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“The basketball court for me, during a game, is the most peaceful place I can imagine. On the basketball court, I worry about nothing. When I’m out there, no one can bother me…”
― Michael Jordan

It seems to me that authenticity is what is selling these days and I don’t mean that from a marketing, profit-margin standpoint. What I’m referring to is that people are looking for truth and something or someone that they can believe in and relate to. Authenticity leads to feelings of inclusion and the understanding that we are more similar than different. As a yoga teacher, and fellow human, its vital to me to be authentic in what I’m teaching and how I’m leading a class or a discussion on this show. But in order to do this, I must be authentic, a state of being that took me some hard lessons to truly find and settle into with comfort. Now it’s my second nature to be my true nature, I am awake to myself and the ways of the mind, the ego and the world. These are my guides to keep me on my path and to alert me when I am straying off but I want to make one thing very clear, none of this would have been possible in my life without the guidance of my teacher and one of my greatest mentors, Philip Urso.

Philip is co-founder of Live, Love, Teach (LLT), the yoga teacher training school based on principles like teaching from a place of love, not fear and the use of minimum relevant words to produce a dynamic, ass-kicking, synchronized vinyasa class that can rapidly transform lives.

Philip and I dive right in on the subject of the relevancy of yoga teachers and he reveals a shocking truth that he and his partners found early in their research on route to the birth of LLT. He shares the ultimate source of what makes a yoga teacher relevant and why so many of us need to relearn how to talk like a human. Philip and his partners at LLT have extensively studied the most effective ways for people to learn and they are applying those methods in their teacher trainings. Fostering learning environments that make people feel safe is a top priority at LLT training and this principle results in effective practice teaching, confidence and authenticity in front of the class.

This is a power packed 45-minute episode that is not just for yoga teachers so listen up athletes, artists and those that are in search of great insight, we dish on the flow state and the stages necessary to achieve these moments of complete non-resistance. He shares his wisdom on the achieving a state of flow and what takes us out. We look at one of the greatest athletes of our time, Michael Jordan and how he exemplifies what it means to welcome all things and to be welcomed by all things.

And I suppose it wouldn’t be the YTP without some chat on the ego. Philip is the person from who I have learned so much on this subject and he shares his insight on its mechanics. For anyone looking for more truth and depth to their life, passion and sport this episode is for you. So listen in, not once but several times because there are new things to pull away with each listen.

Buckle up humans and get ready to be enlightened by a person that I am so honored to have in my life.


Episode 11: Show Notes

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Michael Jordan – A driven champion in the positive and negative


  1. Denise Kaplin 7 years ago

    Love minutes around 11:00. Yes, Jess! Each class has a different dynamism and energy. I remember so much laughter and sometimes questions where you responded wholly with more information.

    You taught me the concept of living in the moment… being ok with not being a perfect body in a perfect pose. Rather, a soul and a spirit shedding the weight of worry and woe. My life is so much more blessed by having participated in your classes. I’m glad you’re online so we may stay connected.

    I like this cast. I may now take a class with Philip. 🙂

    • Author
      Jess 7 years ago

      Denise! Have you tried Philip’s class yet? Thanks so much for tuning in and providing us with feedback. It is a joy to be connected with you, please stay in touch always. Namaste – Jess

  2. Helen 7 years ago

    Wow!! Thank you for this…I am taking my level 2 training next week with LLT. Thanks for sharing from the heart about your experience with the training. I love the LLT method, its entryway into the gap and practicing this has opened so many doors for me personally; has changed my way of experiencing life. But still struggle with the ginormous weight of the ego! So am working on finding that balance of just being, not better than or less than & just being okay with that, and slowly and gently coming to terms with the many layers of my manufactured sense of self. You have given me confidence in that we are all on this path and it is worthwhile to keep on it!

    • Author
      Jess 7 years ago

      Hi Helen:
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the pod – thank you for tuning in and supporting the show. The weight of the ego is only as ginormous as we allow it to be, one step at a time will start to lighten that load. Stay vibrant, curious and steadfast on your path to awakening. Keep connected with our community for ongoing support! We are all in this together. Namaste – Jess


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