Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential
December 17, 2014 Jess

Nothing ever changes, if nothing ever changes.

Another drop of wisdom received in a yoga class that compelled me to take a closer look at my life.  I’ve always been one to proclaim that I love change and I truly do. Although after further inspection, I discovered that I have set rules about things in my life and created excuses around them to keep them in place.  I see now that this is my ego’s way of clinging to the identity I created for myself through life.  Being loyal to my story of who I am, which in the end, limits my limitless potentiality.  But this is good news because there’s opportunity to break these rules and regulations especially since I’m the one who set them up.  What I also found was that I’ve already done this. I’ve broken through the paradigm of me many times before so I know that anything is changeable.

The first and one of the biggest shifts that came to mind, was my relationship with running.  I used to consider myself a terrible runner.  All I wanted was to be a strong runner but I told myself and everyone else that I was slow, had poor form and always got injured.  Guess what? I was slow, I had poor form and I always got injured.  After a few seasons of suffering on the run in triathlon, which is all about the run, I got fed up and was determined to change.  The first thing I did was buy a shirt that said “I love running!”.  It was cotton and I didn’t care, I wore that shirt for every run. Every time I had a negative thought I would look down.  Over time, as I filled my head with positive thoughts about running I opened to the idea that I could improve.  I wondered if I could get to a point where I could run strong, all the time.  With this shift, came my willingness to look at running from a constructive point of view to see areas where I could strengthen my physical body. More yoga, more core work. I started to see changes quickly and at 42 years old I continue to get stronger in this discipline.  This past summer I set a personal best marathon time at an Ironman. With my fourth IM set for Cozumel 2015, I am already setting myself up in my mind for a limitless day.

I think as humans we’re good at seeing where we want to go, the destination, the end point, but not necessarily the next step.  Many times the end point seems so far away that immediate abandonment will follow our inspired thought because we’re overwhelmed with the idea of getting there.  We want the final outcome immediately but we have to slow down so that we can see the first step of change.  Every inspiring person you know started with a first step. Every great invention, idea and creation started with a first step.  It’s important to dream big but it’s even more important to know that if you can imagine it, then it is possible.  If the mind can create the idea, then the mind can create the means.

There is limitless potentiality in each one of us and we hold the keys to the city but understand that the every outcome starts with an initial step.  A want for change that cannot be denied and no one but you can do it. I’ve found that we can be loyal to ourselves by always writing new chapters.  Take a look within, see where you are limiting your future by sticking to your guns.  Get on board with your dreams and do not abandon ship.  Look at your excuses and scrutinize them for validity.  Discredit your ego by breaking through your paradigm every single day.  It is never too late to make a change but know that every change and dream come true started with a change.


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