Podcast 63: Troy RGC on Risking Everything All the Time, Racing Elite and Chasing Pro

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Similar to what happened to many of us long course athletes, Troy was taken by an Ironman video sent to him by his cousin and from that moment it’s been game on for this triathlete. Although a little different from my Ironman story, Troy didn’t even know what an Ironman was when he sat down to view the YouTube short that completely changed the path of his life. To take it one step further, he wasn’t even familiar with the sport of triathlon and even further, he had very little athletic background. But none of that mattered to the burning desire in his heart to become what most people believe they never could be.

His first triathlon was in his home state of Puebla, Mexico where he joined and trained with a local triathlon team. It was a pool swim, a mountain bike ride and the typical 5k run. He placed 2nd in his age group and as Troy explains, “it was the moment that triathlon got me”.

From that moment until now there’s been no looking back. He went directly to the 70.3 distance then eventually onto his first full Ironman in Texas. With several podium finishes under his belt despite only a few years of triathlon in his bones he landed himself a spot on Team Sirius, an elite triathlon squad in Boulder, Colorado led by World Champion Siri Lindley.

As of last year, Troy left his life in Mexico to pursue his deep passion for the sport of triathlon so that he could train with his Team Sirius teammates. He left behind his business, his family, his friends, his dog and the naysayers that didn’t approve of the massive action he was taking to follow his dreams.

He describes his process of navigating adversity as taking single steps forward every day and that each time he does, he knows he will be another level up. Another step closer to fulfilling his quest. Even though his friends at home joke about him living the good life he is very much living in the middle part between the inspiration and reaching his dream, a chunk of the process that he recognizes as the hard part.

Troy’s story is fueled by his enthusiasm for life and sport and his ability to remain fluid through it all seems to be a natural gift. There’s no denying that the story you’re about to hear is meant to be and that we will all take many things away from his words.

Troy is a risk taker and he’s an inspiration to anyone who is connecting to their purpose but doesn’t quite understand the “how” just yet. And above all, he’s guy that you will not avoid loving and he is, as his coach Siri describes, an amazing human.

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