Podcast 51: Ask the YTs on Race Visualization and Ultra Running, YogiTriathlete Style

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It was a simultaneous transfer of energy and insight into my future as Gene Baur talked about the Mendocino Coast 50k, ever so briefly, during our interview last summer. It was in those moments that I knew, without a doubt, I would be adding the title of ultra-runner to my athletic resume. I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when. All I knew was that I saw myself crossing the finish line of a race that I had not heard of up until that time. This was not my first rodeo with visions of the future so I knew only to bow in accordance with the divine schedule maker and surrender to the commencement of my journey to the 50k distance.

Over the next nine months, I trained. I tended to my body, I shaped my ultra-running mindset and I continually climbed over walls of fear to see the expansive view on the other side. I used those experiences as fuel to go farther than I ever had gone before, all the while training for Santa Rose 70.3 which falls just three weeks after the Mendocino ultra.

Today’s conversation is a run down of my race day, a verbal race report if you will, where I answer listener questions about my experience and share what I learned from this enriching journey. What I can say for sure is that a piece of my heart was opened and is now dedicated to the art of trail running. There will be more in my future and with that, more walls of fear to climb, more miles to conquer and more finish lines to cross. I am so grateful for this wildly abundant life that I get to live but I also understand that its unveiling has not been by chance but through consciousness and a commitment to walking the warrior path.

Thank you for tuning in and for supporting the show. Please let us know what you think of this episode and if we left any questions unanswered. BJ and I are committed to being up in Mendocino for year three of the ultra and we hope you can join us for another epic adventure in life.


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Episode 51 Show Notes:

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